ITG Tutors: Vincent Doan

Vicent Doan is one of our Maths and Science tutors at ITG and his friendly, relaxed and meticulous approach to tutoring means that he is always receiving raving reviews from parents while instilling his students with confidence. 


What made you choose to study your chosen degree at university?

I’ve always had an interest in all things related to health and science and I also enjoyed participating in community outreach and volunteer programs because they made me feel like a better human.  A combination of those things led me to study Public Health for my degree.     

How do you balance the academic aspect of tutoring with the mentorship side of things?

How I choose to balance academics and mentorship depends more on each student’s needs.  If I notice that a student struggles more with something like concepts from their studies, then I’ll break the concepts up into more approachable pieces. If I see that a student is stressed, under a lot of pressure and lacking in confidence, then I’ll put more focus on validation and empowerment.  

How do you foster critical thinking in your sessions?

I avoid long lectures and explanations of topics.  I give the students time to figure problems out independently and elicit steps (when needed).  

Finally, what three items would you take with you to a desert island?

 Sunscreen SPF 100, a beach towel, and a camel.