• “Thanks to the tutors at ITG, I was able to achieve my desired grade (Level 6). The tutors were very dedicated and did not stop trying until I understood everything! I would definitely recommend ITG to anyone! – Amy, BIS IB DP- English Literature HL.


  • “ITG has helped reach one of my personal goals. I am satisfied with my final grade for IB Chemistry HL (Level 6). Ms. Anne was a great tutor and I really enjoyed her sessions! – BIS Student, BIS IB DP- Chemistry HL. 


  • “ITG reassured me of my existing knowledge, but most importantly allowed me to take on a different approach to my revision and exam technique. I am immensely grateful: I felt calm and confident during my exam and my results definitely reflect this (Level 6). – Nicola, BIS IB DP- English Literature.  


  • “ITG provided me with the most wonderful and experienced tutors who helped me overcome many obstacles. My results have improved which has helped me to get into the Universities that I’ve applied to.” – Natan, AIS IB DP- SL English Language and Literature, Mathematics and HL Economics.


  • “ITG really helped Bailey feel more comfortable with her math class. John’s tutoring reassured her that she knew the material. This gave her confidence both in class and during the exam.” – Bailey, BIS IGCSE- Mathematics.


  • “ITG didn’t only help me with my school work; I was able to make lasting friendships with my tutors, the relaxed and comfortable environment of ITG enabled me to engage with my work and feel comfortable making mistakes.” – Ollie 


  • “Being a full-time homeschool student is very difficult. But thanks to ITG, I don’t feel that I’m alone in this journey. I get all the support that I need from the team and the tutors to achieve my goals in studying. I’m also very happy in their role of guidance and dedication in tutoring.” – Milan


  • “Jordan is a great tutor because he’s great at explaining and helping me to understand different things in chemistry. I find his lessons easy to follow and easy to understand.” – Jessica, Chemistry.


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