ITG Tutors: Joey Myers

Joey, our Principle Primary Tutor at ITG, holds a PGCE and qualified teacher status in the UK and before embarking on a teaching career, Joey worked for the criminal justice system. As well as leading one-on-one primary sessions, Joey leads our popular English Explorers Class which is always full of energy, meaningful discussions and most importantly, fun learning. 

Why did you pursue teaching?

I pursued teaching because I felt it was important to guide the younger generation and ensure they get as good of an education as I got. Working with children is incredibly rewarding and I love to help them solve problems and witness them apply what they learn in the classroom to everyday life.


How do you ensure that you are a good mentor as well as a tutor?

I like to have a discussion with children at the beginning and end of lessons to see how they are feeling and if there are any potential barriers to their learning or problems in general. I also allow short discussions during lessons to find out what their interests are, what they enjoy doing and what’s been happening in their lives, allowing me to make the work personally relevant and more enjoyable for them.


Can you tell us some more about what your role as a Principle Tutor involves?

I aim to guide those teaching primary level students to ensure that they feel more confident in their own tutoring. This can include suggesting age-appropriate material, techniques to engage children and providing resources for teaching and planning.


How do you foster critical thinking in your lessons?

One of my favourite techniques is Socratic questioning. I believe being asked a variety of questions instead of being ‘spoon-fed content’ creates a child who will, in turn, ask their own questions and critique and analyse what’s been taught instead of blindly accepting what they’re told. I also promote the use of problem-solving in all subjects as it encourages abstract thinking.


Why do you think the English Explorers class works so well?

Children enjoy learning through the discussion with one another and talking through their ideas. I often set tasks that encourage interaction with one another which also promotes and gives the opportunity for children to improve their oral fluency, confidence and language development. The classes are small enough that I can provide 1:1 support if and when needed.

Finally, what 3 items would you take with you to a desert island?

A machete, a lighter and a survival handbook.