Who We Are

The International Tutor Group is a British education centre that exists to help students in the UK and around the world navigate the challenges of a modern education. We provide academic tutoring across every subject whilst mentoring a confident mindset for success. Graduating from Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, our expert tutors ensure each student reaches their full potential. We specialise in the International Baccalaureate, Primary, IGCSE and A-Level. We also prepare students for school entrance exams such as the 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance.
But our support doesn’t simply stop with results. We know that success has as much to do with the right mindset as the best grades. We focus on mentoring our students in order to build their self-confidence, establish their independence and ignite their intellectual curiosity. We strive to develop students with a lifelong love of learning as well as a set of excellent results.

Who We Are

The International Tutor Group is there to guide you and your child on every step of the journey through an international education. We provide key support in all aspects from academic tutoring across every subject to mentoring a confident mindset for success.
All of our UK graduate teachers have exceptional academic records from the world’s finest independent schools and universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. They are then extensively trained by our own fully qualified and experienced international school teachers to ensure they provide the right level of support at every stage from Grade 3 to their final school examinations.
With our expert guidance and elite tutors we facilitate access to the most competitive destinations across the world, and, of equal importance, we ensure that each student is fully prepared to excel when they get there.

Our Services

UK school and university educated tutors

Our tutors all graduated from the world’s leading UK secondary schools and universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. They know firsthand the specific demands of international examinations through their own experiences, further enhanced and updated by our own training programs.

Building the right mindset

Making the most of an international education is about so much more than results. Students also need to develop a self-confident, outgoing nature, an independent mindset and an ability to cope under pressure. ITG’s mentoring program nurtures this crucial, well-balanced approach in every student.


What students, parents and tutors say about ITG



AIS IB DP- SL English Language and Literature, Mathematics and HL Economics

"ITG provided me with the most wonderful and experienced tutors who helped me overcome many obstacles. My results have improved which has helped me to get into the Universities that I've applied to."



BIS IGCSE- Mathematics

"ITG really helped Bailey feel more comfortable with her math class. John’s tutoring reassured her that she knew the material. This gave her confidence both in class and during the exam."



“Thanks to ITG for all the help with Anna over these past few months. Peggy has certainly made a big difference in Anna’s confidence and competence in Math!”



BIS IB DP- English Literature HL

“Thanks to the tutors at ITG, I was able to achieve my desired grade (Level 6). The tutors were very dedicated and did not stop trying until I understood everything! I would definitely recommend ITG to anyone!”



BIS Student

BIS IB DP- Chemistry HL

"ITG has helped reach one of my personal goals. I am satisfied with my final grade for IB Chemistry HL (Level 6). Ms. Anne was a great tutor and I really enjoyed her sessions!"




BIS IB DP- English Language Literature

“ITG reassured me of my existing knowledge, but most importantly allowed me to take on a different approach to my revision and exam technique. I am immensely grateful: I felt calm and confident during my exam and my results definitely reflect this (Level 6).”


John King


“John has been a transformational tutor. Both his academic excellence and his creative, engaging approach have sparked a new enthusiasm in our son.” - Year 7 Parent, AIS

“John’s classes have always been well prepared and interesting. He has an outstanding grasp of linguistics and the methodology of language teaching that he puts into practice." - Hans J Constabel, Head of Foreign Languages, Lessing International School, Berlin

Will Church

Director of Education
"Will is an exceptional tutor who guided my son through his English IGCSE, improving his grade from C to A in just a few months. Will is both informative and firm but also reassuring and considerate."   IGCSE Parent