ITG Tutors: Kate Garland

Kate is one of our English tutors at ITG who joined the team after finishing her studies of English literature at the University of Birmingham. Working with a range of age groups during any given day, Kate professionally adapts her approach to suit the needs – both academically and socially – of each of her students. What’s more, Kate has recently started tutoring Hanh, a Vietnamese member of staff. Kate’s patient, empathetic and persistent approach means that Hanh’s English is improving at a rapid rate. Thanks Kate!


1) Did you always know that you would study English at university?

No. I was always an avid reader, but preferred the sciences at school and always anticipated doing Physics at University. I began considering English as a career path when I was in sixth form; being exposed to different analytical perspectives sparked my interest. 

2) How are you able to weave your love of Shakespeare into English sessions at ITG?


3) What was studying English at a top UK university such as Birmingham like?

It was enthralling to be in such an academically stimulating environment and study alongside other passionate people. Being able to study their collection of ancient texts such as King James Daemonolgie was invaluable in developing my interests.

4) What is your favourite area to teach?

I love teaching poetry. The moment students understand the artistry of the language and structure is truly invaluable and reminds me why I do what I do. 

5) What do you think makes a good tutor?

 It’s important to love what you do. I think a lot of students become apathetic towards their studies – especially when they’re under so much pressure. Sometimes you need someone who loves what they do to rekindle your interest. It was certainly true for me.

Finally, what three things would you bring to a desert island?

An axe, fire-starting flints and the complete works of Shakespeare.