Morea – pic


  • (MSc) Applied Psychology (with Merit) – Middlesex University
  • (BA) Psychology and Sociology (2:1) – University of Brighton
  • TEFL certified
  • RBT license (Registered Behaviour Technician)


Morea obtained her Masters degree in Psychology from Middlesex University in Dubai and her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Brighton in England. Whilst studying for her Masters, she finished her practical component as an assistant in a Psychology Clinic setting. She was chosen to present her Masters dissertation at the Annual Dubai Student Research Symposium.

Morea received her TEFL certification shortly before moving to Vietnam, where she started teaching as an early years educator at international schools. Noticing students with learning difficulties not being offered appropriate support inspired Morea to shift her focus towards Special Educational Needs. She obtained her RBT (Registered Behavioural Technician) license in Singapore in order to be able to support these students. Alongside her SEN work, Morea has supported international school students in Psychology across the IB and A-Level syllabi.

She has always been fascinated with why humans behave the way they do and hopes to inspire her students to explore these questions too.

Morea grew up as a third culture kid, attending international schools across many countries. This is the environment she feels most comfortable in and hopes to draw from her experience to inspire students in their learning journey.

Outside of work, Morea can be found zipping through the countryside on her beloved bicycle or supporting local artists and musicians in the city.


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