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  • University of Toulon, Nice Academy – Master degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Secondary Education
  • University Lyon III – 1st degree (three-year degree, Licence in French) in Applied Foreign Languages (English and Spanish)
  • Professional experience: Tutor for Acadomia – network of academic support in France


From a young age, Anthony has had a passion for languages which he now wants to instil in others through teaching and tutoring. Anthony grew up in France and studied Spanish for his Bachelor’s Degree to achieve fluency. He went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Teaching Languages. He is now a fully qualified international school teacher of Spanish and French with several years experience teaching and tutoring.

When teaching, Anthony focuses on an action-oriented approach; using a full range of media and applying a rigorous system of memorisation through repetition, while always adapting teaching methods to suit the student’s unique profile. Anthony’s thesis in ‘Multiple intelligences and learning foreign languages’ allowed him to expand his knowledge, cement his passion for languages and understand fully the benefits of being able to speak more than one language.

When not tutoring, Anthony can be found researching teaching methods as well as learning about both local and global history and geography. Currently, he is learning a 5th language: Vietnamese, his father’s mother tongue!


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