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Jonas Vieth

Maths & Science Tutor
  • University of Queensland – Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • University level Maths and Engineering Tutor
  • IGCSE Mathematics & Science Tutor
  • IB DP Maths and Physics Tutor

Jonas graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He has a passion for tutoring and several years of experience as a private tutor. His friendly, outgoing and positive personality, combined with his love of Maths and Science allow him to naturally build rapport and long lasting relationships with his students. His tutoring style focuses on developing a high level of understanding, not just short-term results.
Jonas specialises in Maths, Physics, and university level engineering courses. Outside the classroom, Jonas is a semi-professional musician and enjoys quiet weekends, excellent coffee and exploring the world.

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