ITG Tutors: Hannah Gordon

Hannah is our principal English tutor at ITG and is consequently the go-to tutor for anything and everything English related. With experience teaching in both Taipei and London, Hannah combines her international teaching experience with her extensive knowledge of the British curriculum. Hannah’s love of literature is made evident through the animated debates and discussions she has with her students at the ITG centre as well as her seemingly infinite ability to quote from The Great Gatsby…


1) What made you pursue teacher training?

I have always loved English Literature and I wanted to share my passion whilst nurturing a love of the subject in others.


 2) You have also worked in China and Taipei – how do you think the approach to education in Vietnam compares?

I find that they are quite similar in their approaches; they value autonomy and independence above all and aim to produce competent learners both inside and outside of the classroom.


3) What do you think makes a good tutor?

Someone who is not only a master of their craft but also open, friendly and approachable. 


4) Can you tell us some more about what your role as a Principle Tutor involves?

I am a contact point for all the other tutors. All of our tutors are incredibly knowledgeable of their subject, however, having a PGCE means that I am able to offer guidance and advice in a practical way so that our tutors feel supported and prepared to teach at the highest possible standard.


Finally, what three things would you bring with you to a desert island?

My kindle, some sort of water filter and a machete.